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Friday, September 23, 2005

Transparency is essential to risk assessment

Disclosure and transparency are the partners of good governance. They demonstrate the quality and reliability of information -- financial and non-financial-- provided by management to lenders, shareholders, and the public.
a) Empirical evidence indicates that high standards of transparency and disclosure can have a material impact on the cost of capital.
b) Reliable and timely information increases confidence among decision-makers within the organization and enables them to make good business decisions directly affecting growth and profitability.
c) Information also affects decision makers outside the entity--shareholders, investors and lenders-- who must decide where and at what risk to place their money.
d) The information a company provides should show decision-makers and outside interests whether and to what extent corporations meet legal requirements.
e) Disclosure helps public understanding of a company's activities, policies and performance with regard to environmental and ethical standards, as well as its relationship with the communities where the company operates.
f) Disclosure and transparency, as well as proper auditing, serve as a deterrent to fraud and corruption, allowing firms to compete on the basis of their best offerings and to differentiate themselves from firms who do not practice good governance.
g) Research has demonstrated that disclosure and transparency also enhance stock market liquidity.


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