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Friday, February 10, 2006

Team Building

To all those noble-beings (managers) out there - How many of you spend quality time in a "Team Building" exercise for your organization??? I guess the answer is not a very satisfactory one. Most of us pay 'lip-service' to team building...its more said than done! But why??

The reason is that bosses always like to maintain a distance (I call it the "Great Wall of China" syndrome) with their subordinates because they think they might lose respect (they think they deserve!) by interacting with the rank-and-file. Well, did we hear someone say "Command Respect, Not Demand"??? I guess in todays'’s the other way round!

One has to get up-close & personal with their staff / subordinates (of course officially!) inorder to help, guide, coach, mentor & mould them in a manner that is desired for mutual (employer-employee) growth & benefit and its always BEST TO BREAK THE BARRIER between superior-subordinate relationship...obviously, you gotta meet your boss everyday!

Today’s leaders are finding themselves as members of all kinds of teams including virtual teams, autonomous teams, cross-functional teams, and action-learning teams. Team building in the form of team dinners, face-to-face meetings / interactions, management games, role-play, team progress report, mini-surveys and a host of other effective tools developed by various management theorists & practitioners would be of invaluable assistance in devising an effective "team-building" exercise.

Trust me… its better late than never and its all TEAMWORK!


Blogger Trevor Gay said...

Hi Sriram

A lot of my work is as a Team coach and I support you 100%

Managers who do not recognise team work have a serious problem.

T ogether
E everyone
A cheives
M ore

Take care

4:26 AM

Blogger Sriram said...


That was short & sweet...very true!

1:57 PM


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