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Friday, September 23, 2005

The New CFO Agenda

Linking finance with strategy leads to an integrated and transformative role for the 'new-age' Chief Financial Officer in terms of pursuing the long-term goals of the organization, not just the quarterly bottom line. But, i would like to know how many CFOs are willing to change and how many organizations want their CFOs to change? Looks like there has always been a bias towards "hard-core" accounting and finance rather than truly understanding the business (actually the term business accountant is THE WORD than mere accountant!). For me, accountant is jus another BEANCOUNTER! was always called that and will continue to be called so unless he / she is willing to change for the better in terms of combining financial & accounting skills with BUSINESS acumen.....well, do u guys think that if the BUSINESS doesnt exist, would the accountant exist?? Maybe, its high & wild time for accountants (a.k.a. beancounters!) to hone skills in the right direction and get relevant! Better late than never! Amen!


Blogger Trevor Gay said...

Amen Sriram - music to my ears.

I have been arguing for years with many friends of mine who happen to be accountants that they are in a wonderful position to advance the business if only they would get out of their comfort blanket and see themselves as something other than bean counters!!

Magic to hear you saying that as an accountant Sriram - please keep saying it.

Too many accountants hide behind their professional qualification and try and confuse us mere mortals with long words designed to confuse unless you are an accountant

I hope you will never change as you rise the ladder in business - we need people like you at the top of organisations - remember - Simplicity is the Key :-)

11:16 PM

Blogger Sriram said...


I totally agree with u and am of the same opinion that accountants should get out of their comfort blankets and not be jus mere bean counters but be able to contribute and add value to business financially, ethically, morally, strategically & simply. I always say that "You dont have two horns if ur a CA!"

2:32 PM


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