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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Everybody is in service!

While I was at a meeting yesterday, I heard a few guys talking about industry sectors like Manufacturing, Services, IT, Telecom etc and their perspectives & outlook in the near future based on past trends and analysis. Then…something struck me….I began asking this question to myself - Is “Services” a sector in itself??? Is it something disparate & independent of other sectors??? Actually, I thought everybody was (is) in service! Don’t you think so? Consider this…

Well, would it be OK if a company manufacturing CNC machines in Hamburg doesn’t provide service (after-sales service) to its customers in Haryana?

Would it be OK if a copper mining & manufacturing company in Tasmania doesn’t provide adequate service / customer care to its customers / vendors / suppliers in Tamil Nadu?

Would it be OK if your local telecom company (service provider…..see the name says it all!) doesn’t provide service / solutions to its valued customers?

Would it be OK if a car manufacturing giant (like GM, Toyota, DaimlerChrysler, Audi, Honda et al) doesn’t provide adequate service in the upkeep / running & maintenance of your car??

Who the hell is not in service??!! I truly believe “EVERYBODY IS IN SERVICE”….If your not in service, your not in business. Period.

Service isn’t something that is a prized possession of a few sectors like PSFs (Professional Services Firms), Healthcare, IT, ITES, BPOs etc. Its high time we realize that “EVERYBODY IS IN SERVICE”….does anyone beg to differ?


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