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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Corp Gov, Business Ethics & CFO

Recently, I was interviewed by CFO-Asia magazine for a research report recently published on Corporate Governance, Business Ethics & the CFO. This report sheds light on various issues concerning corporate governance and explores the growing awareness among Asian companies of the business benefits of strong governance and ethics.
It presents the findings of a survey of more than 160 CFOs and senior finance executives from mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Malaysia and Singapore. The questionnaire-based research has been supplemented with in-depth case study interviews with executives at six companies (including myself representing Mulitex Limited - refer page 16 and other sections of the report) spanning a range of industries, corporate structures and locations.
Feel free to download the report (by clicking on the above link) and pour your thoughts / views...


Blogger J.KANNAN said...

My personal impression on the report.

As a whole the report has come out and presented pretty well it has to be so, for one reason the collaborators of the Research and it’s reporting are by two highly and internationally accredited professional organizations viz. CFA (Asia) Research Services and ACCA the world’s No.1 Accountancy Organization turning out genuine and genius accounting professionals every year. The only thing, which I looked forward to, was few more case studies, probably due to paucity of time the case studies have been restricted.

I have to applaud and impressively express the validity and genuineness of the report as it contains the findings out of the earnest, strenuous and sincere efforts by the conductors and participants, by way of survey of over 160 CFO’s from Asia Pacific, USA and Europe consisting of various segments of industries covering manufacturing, trading, services etc. with varieties of interests and activities also keeping in mind the slabs of turn over in numbers. - It is indeed very good.

As rightly mentioned in the maiden paragraph of the Introduction, it is not possible to legislate the ethical behavior and conduct, instead has to be either inherited or inculcated and then promoted in the organization to bring out the desired effect and result for compliance. Here comes the vital role of CFO’s and Senior Financial Executives by defining their role without defining the rule and implementing the thoughts and ideas with reference to and relevance to the rules for the best of governance, business ethics and code of conduct in the organization.

Corporate governance, Business ethics and code of conduct are continuous process and not an one-time affair and needs to be reviewed periodically to make changes, if required, for betterment of the organization and CFO’s and their team needs to work relentlessly to make it effective.

Now coming to the report pertaining to your area which I have gone through in greater details, it has come out extremely good from beginning to end with not only substance of professional quality but also it is crisp, palalatable and easy to assimilate as it contains only relevant points with reference to the interaction you had with Mr. Adam Lincoln. It is indeed a great job well executed by you. Your name has been referred to in at least 8 times the highest I could notice in case studies of the report and it’s not merely referring your name but added with adjectives and superlatives appropriately.

Looking forward to read more writing of yours and about you in the international publications of professional image and quality.

5:53 PM


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