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Monday, June 05, 2006

Do you wanna

Did you know that there is a search site called which has been evolving for quite a while and one never knows when things EVOLVE completely in the IT space (or do they..?). Research suggest that the activity most performed in the internet is SEARCH and it’s surfacing by leaps & bounds! Thanx to the young tech-turks at leading universities world over trying to come out with newer user-friendly robust search applications (search engines).

I recently read a FORTUNE article on where Jim Lanzone,'s CEO effortlessly explains “What really differentiates us is our focus on search. Other companies are partnering with content companies and launching wi-fi networks. But we're not building a rocket ship. We're building a better car. It's not what people will want in five years. It's what they want now”. Is there a message to the world at large? Well, let’s wait and see what the forces of free market have to offer?


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