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Friday, April 21, 2006

P&G and A.G

I recently read an interesting article on the about P&G’s (you could say A.G.Lafley’s or A.G’s) growth in the past years and the turbulent times he had gone through to make the company what it is today (Good to Great!?). It’s interesting to note that A.G. is actually beleaguered about P&G’s growth in the recent years (well…growing in turbulent times is indeed great!?) following many acquisitions in the past worth billions of $$$$$$ and getting excessively commoditized.

Well, here is a list of few things that I thought would be of major concern to ‘A.G’ (ofcourse…this list is based on the article published)

a) Too many acquisitions in the past – post acquisition synergy – people issues – cultural issues et al
b) Average age of employees is 38 & 40% joined through some acquisition!!!
c) Very few women on board to drive the strategy (women-centric markets / products!)
d) Top-Tier staff turnover on a rise – no worries for A.G as long as the remaining ‘senior officers’ know what they are doin’.
e) Commoditized business – more of a bane than boon?
f) Consumerism & related challenges

Do you think that the road ahead for retailers is a fairly straight & neat road to commodity-hell???


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