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Friday, April 07, 2006


It’s definitely not a new word and neither is it a jargon any longer in the corporate world but I believe we should start looking at this word from a whole new dimension – that’s important!

Brainstorming to me is an informal free-wheeling creative group activity.

Informal – Being prim & proper or being too formal / ceremonial curbs your creativity and that’s why it is imperative to be informal. You CAN think better and out-of-the-box INFORMALLY and come-up with BETTER and INGENIOUS solutions!

Free-wheeling – Again, being unrestrictive helps you to think ‘outside the box’ – Get the message? Sometimes it’s good to be hands-off than hands-on (ofcourse, not always!)

Creative – Imaginative, Original, Ingenious, Innovative, Productive, Resourceful and Inspired…Do I need to say more?

Group activity – Yes…YOU ARE NOT ALONE and YOU SHOULDN’T BE ALONE because you CANNOT brainstorm if you are alone. It has to be a TEAM activity and together thrash out (discuss/ brainstorm) topics of concern / interest. The whole point is about TEAMWORKING and COLLABORATIVE THINKING inorder to synergize your thought process and thereby coming up with better / smarter /implemental / action-oriented SOLUTIONS.

Team members should be encouraged to ‘THINK ALOUD’ and come up with as many ideas as possible and should also be upbeat on building upon others’ ideas inorder to successfully BRAINSTORM.

How many of you actually BRAINSTORM at your workplace and HOW OFTEN DO YOU DO IT?


Blogger J.KANNAN said...

A well defined and condensed write up. The word brainstorming of course is not a new word and the act of brainstorming is not old. It may be called a group action rather than activity to be accepted by all participants unanimously and collectively but not compulsorily. I would like to put it this way that team members should be encouraged think ALIVE and talk ALOUD to arrive at the desire end result.

In my opinion, in today’s corporate working scenario, many does not involve in BRAIN STORM in its real perspective and sense at work place, instead indulge in storming of the brain due to rat race

2:34 PM


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