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Saturday, April 01, 2006

India, a superpower?

I recently read an article in in an Interview with Clyde Prestowitz, president of the think tank Economic Strategy Institute and one of America's top foreign trade experts where he clearly explains the economic outlook for India in the near / distant future and why he thinks India would emerge as the next super power in 45 years. In his own words he says "It is going to be India's century. India is going to be the biggest economy in the world. It is going to be the biggest superpower of the 21st century." WOW! Wish it happens for REAL!


Blogger J.KANNAN said...

For me too, it looks and sounds like to happen as the existing political scenario and governance system will also match to the desire by then ,as more educated and professional youngsters will emerge as political leaders. The most important thing is the existing lots of undesirable, selfish and unethical political baffoons will persish and will be laid to rest under the mud.

May God bless and grace India.

1:22 PM

Blogger Avinash said...

As a matter of fact india is presently marks 8% GDP growth every year.This would certainly lead to the development of the country.

1:25 AM


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