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Monday, March 27, 2006

Lean Management!

For those of you who don’t know what Lean Management is about, here’s what it means – Lean Management is the effectiveness & efficiency of an enterprise in delivering value to its customers. In short, delivering customer value without waste. The term ‘Lean Management’ is borrowed from Toyota’s production system (lean production) and is applied to the modern day organization. There have also been books on ‘Lean thinking’ and ‘Lean solutions’ written by a few authors. Lean management (as suggested by a few authors) focuses on:-

a) Managing the scopefocus on products where benchmarking shows high costs for relatively little value
b) Understanding the customerestablish a value-definition
c) Process Ownership - assign clear process ownership for the value stream that produces the product / service.
d) Measurementestablish clear & frequent measurement of processes’ effectiveness & efficiency.
e) KAIZENbuild a culture of continuous improvement.

Well for those of you who are familiar with Six-Sigma…does it sound similar to define-measure-analyze-improve-control???


Blogger J.KANNAN said...

Iam impressed with the article. Its crispy to munch,tasty to relish good to digest and fine to retain. I would like to present my comment as:-
LEAN Manageement is nothing but LEA(R)N Manageement.

6:36 PM

Blogger John Robert said...

It's being a good experience to read this sort of article, as I can say that I didn't waste my time in reading, the basic mean of management is same as you said, well keep sharing guys I really appreciate your working.
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5:50 PM


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