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Monday, March 06, 2006

Constructive Criticism!

Actually, a topic on criticism was posted by Steve Yastrow in Tom Peters’ blog today. It actually induced me to write something I have been longing to write for a while and maybe the time had come jus today! Steve had mentioned that “Some criticism is given incorrectly. Some criticism is taken incorrectly. We spend a lot of time worrying about the way criticism is given but we can learn much more from how we take it” to which my comments were…


Constructive criticism is GOOD! Usually the goal in constructive criticism is to critique an individual so they will benefit or improve. The question remains, how do we give constructive criticism without appearing to be phony or couching the constructive criticism to a point where the person does not take it seriously?
1. Constructive criticism has to be genuine. A person giving this criticism has to genuinely feel it is important to give it.
2. Be open & have the candor to say things the way it is to be said / meant to be said.
3. The person receiving the criticism must have some level of understanding of your role, and understand that you truly want them to improve.
4. Take a team approach. By doing this, you have created a collegiate type atmosphere. Both individuals are on the same level. Now you can set the stage to critique, not criticize, and then begin to construct a foundation for improvement.
5. Do not be harsh – Don’t pelt stones sitting inside a glass house!
Actually, constructive criticism takes time & practice but can be done well to see visible & quantifiable improvements in the person being criticized. Well, do you guys beg to differ?


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