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Thursday, February 23, 2006

America's most admired companies

FORTUNE recently dished out its recent list of America’s most admired companies. Rankings were arrived at based on the following criteria: -

1. Innovation – Apple topped the charts!
2. People Management - GE and Anheuser-Busch score maximum marks
3. Quality of Management – P&G, GE and United Health Group are the best!
4. Financial soundness - Exxon Mobil is the best!
5. Use of corporate assets – It’s Exxon Mobil once again!
6. Long-term investment – REPEAT…Exxon Mobil again!
7. Social responsibility – UPS does it!
8. Product / Service quality - Nordstrom, United Parcel Service, Walt Disney, and FedEx are amongst the Top-10 this year.


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