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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Well, I guess most of us know (knowing is doing?) what “Kaizen” means…For those of you who don’t…please read forward.

Kaizen is a Japanese management concept (philosophy) for continuous (incremental, gradual) improvement. In short, Kaizen = Continuous Improvement. This philosophy is the backbone of other Japanese concepts like JIT (Just-in-time), TQM (Total Quality Management). QC (Quality Circles) etc.

There are 5 components to the Kaizen philosophy:

1) Teamwork – There is no ‘I’ in Teamwork! Teamwork is basically dividing the tasks and doubling the success / output.
2) Personal Discipline – As Jim Rohn says “Discipline is the bridge between goals & accomplishments”…without self-discipline nothing much can be accomplished!
3) Improved Morale – In George Marshall’s words “Morale is the state of mind. It is steadfastness and courage and hope. It is confidence and zeal and loyalty. It is élan, esprit de corps and determination” – WOW!
4) Quality Circles – Professor John Oakland (a leading authority on Quality) defines a QC as a ‘group of workers who do similar work and who meet voluntarily, regularly, in normal working time, under the leadership of a supervisor, to identify, analyze & solve work-related problems and to recommend solutions.’
5) Suggestions for Improvement – In short, “Everything can be improved – continuously!”

Did u know that there is also a “Kaizen 5S framework” for good house-keeping? Remember….everything BEGINS at HOME!

1) Seiri – Tidiness
2) Seiton – Orderliness
3) Seiso – Cleanliness
4) Seiketsu – Clean-up
5) Shitsuke – Discipline


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