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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Back 2 Basics (B2B) ?

In a recent Mc.Kinsey Quarterly issue, the firm has set-out 10 trends (macro-economic) to watch out in 2006 as set out below:-

1. Centers of economic activity will shift profoundly, not just globally, but also regionally
2. Public-sector activities will balloon, making productivity gains essential
3. The consumer landscape will change and expand significantly
4. Technological connectivity will transform the way people live and interact
5. The battlefield for talent will shift
6. The role and behavior of big business will come under increasingly sharp scrutiny
7. Demand for natural resources will grow, as will the strain on the environment
8. New global industry structures are emerging
9. Management will go from art to science
10. Ubiquitous access to information is changing the economics of knowledge

Trend # 9 sounds familiar - From Management as an Art to Scientific Management???

Well, that goes out to say that F.W.Taylor was by far the most influential person of the time and someone who has had an impact (and continues to…) on management service practice as well as on management thought till date. As we all know, Taylor solemnized the principles of scientific management, and the fact-finding (cause & effect) approach that he put forward was largely adopted as a proxy for what had been the old rule of thumb. So, is someone re-inventing the wheel or is it back to basics???


Blogger Trevor Gay said...

Hi Sriram

Interesting list and I like and agree with many of the ten. I hope management does not move from art to sceince - that takes away most of the fun. Science can never account for the behaviour of people and people will always be the most important aspect of management.

In my book 'Simplicity is the Key' I introduced the phrase 'The basics are the new cutting edge' thanks to a good freind who gave me those words.

4:58 AM

Blogger Sriram said...

Absolutely right Trevor - "Science can never account for the behaviour of people and people will always be the most important aspect of management."

9:53 AM


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