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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Emerging offshore destinations??!!

Philippines - The combination of rock-bottom costs and a desirable labor pool is helping to propel the country to prominence as an offshoring location. But research by the McKinsey Global Institute indicates that a poor risk profile, a deficient infrastructure, and a subpar business environment conspire to hinder the country's offshoring prospects. Public- and private-sector leaders must work together to bolster the country's attractiveness to multinational companies.
Morocco - Urgently needs to broaden its industrial base to deal with slowing growth and a rising trade deficit. A study found that the offshoring of services by French- and Spanish-speaking companies could help. Morocco offers a large pool of relatively cheap and well-qualified French and Spanish speakers and a good telecommunications infrastructure. Morocco should begin by establishing economic zones to host the offshoring of business processes and IT operations and by attracting a handful of multinationals to the country.
Your thoughts??


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