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Saturday, July 15, 2006

JW and the new business?

Did u happen to read a recently published FORTUNE article on ‘The new business rules’ and the possible contradictions with Jack Welch’s managerial philosophy? Well, here’s what a few high-profile execs had to say:

When people write about how our stock is up, they give us way too much credit for what we did this year. It's what we did three and five years ago that moved the stock. – John Chambers of CISCO on pleasing shareholders

I took $400 million and put it back into advertising, people and marketing innovation. That was fundamental. – Neville Isdel of Coke on courage and sustainability

The problem is that it's notoriously difficult to predict the size of a given market. – Art Levinson of Genentech on the importance of being number one

The real power isn't in scale, it's in alignment. And that's really hard for big companies to achieve. – Anne Mulcahy of Xerox on size and power

And…did u know what JW had to say…?

I have to give Steve Jobs and Apple all kinds of credit. What he's done is remarkable; when you think of starting the Mac, getting thrown out, coming back, rebuilding that, and then starting a whole new product category. A remarkable job.


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