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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Confucious & Credit!

I read this lovely quote by 'Confucious' at a shop here in Hong Kong and it goes like this....

U ask Credit
I no Give
U get Mad
I give Credit
U no Pay
I get Mad
Better U get Mad!

So true right?


Blogger Trevor Gay said...

Hi Sriram

The best sign I ever saw was on the side of a van of a fish salesman. It read as follows;

"The fish we sell are so fresh the next of kin haven't even been informed"

6:35 AM

Blogger Trevor Gay said...

And another one in a pub I used to work in:

"Please do not ask for credit as a smack in the mouth often offends"

6:37 AM

Blogger Sriram said...


Fabulous...I especially loved the second post...Subtle yet Distinct!

10:21 AM


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