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Thursday, November 24, 2005

10 reasons to consider Online Banking

Many a times I have mentioned about the robustness of online banking in my blog. We all know that the internet is definitely (and rapidly) changing the way we live. It has quickly become the most preferred choice of communication for many and has also become a major factor in the financial lives of millions. Using the Internet to interact with a Bank can help simplify your financial affairs. Here are ten reasons (though not ranked in order of importance) to consider using on-line banking.
1) You can pay your bills online 24x7/365.
2) You can apply for loans online...Did I say it gets approved online too?
3) You can review your account activity (summary & a detailed view!) and see your balances up-to-date.
4) You can transfer funds (inter & intra bank transfers) in a jiffy.
5) Costs peanuts! (maybe even cheaper?)
6) You save tons of time! (when was the last time u stood at a bank queue?)
7) You can get the most up-to-date rates.
8) It is safe. Most on-line banking activities use highly sophisticated encryption devices to ensure safety and privacy.
9) You can receive valuable information (market-info!). Many banks provide electronic newsletters and e-mail messaging to keep you fully informed about any special offers they may have and about latest trends.
10) Lastly, you can learn how to make better-informed financial decisions.
Banking at the click of a button! WOW! Happy banking...


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