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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Education & Entrepreneurship!

Many a times I have felt that entrepreneurship CANNOT BE taught in B-Schools the way it is meant to be practiced in the REAL WORLD! Its more of an Art than Science and hence can be excelled (seldom perfected!) over a period of time. However, the spirit of entrepreneurship, best practices, real-world case-studies, management games, entrepreneurial simulation et al COULD BE taught (whether relevant or not to the real world!) in B-Schools…well, the beauty is that when all of these (and much more!) could be learnt in the corporate world, people pay a fortune to learn these thingz @ B-Schools and end up with a mid-life crisis!! I love the quote “I was born intelligent, education ruined me!” and I think its true because to the best of my knowledge, till date, not many successful entrepreneurs have had fabulous education (In fact, many of them have quit their Ivy League education to make a dent in the universe!). However, they ended up making a truckload of reserves & heaps of fortune (technically called WEALTH CREATION!). I guess education & entrepreneurship is inversely propotional! What have you got to say??


Blogger J.Kannan said...

J.K said
You have absolutely felt right that entrepreneurship cannot be taught in Biz schools and has to be experienced and practised in a real and existing business world.

According to me it is neither an art nor a science but a SKILL to be deeveloped and sharpened for achieving excellence and perfection.As you have mentioned all these could be learned practically in a business world by earnest and self involvement rather than grasping in bits by attending Biz schools.

On inversal proportion, I totally agree with your views and let me add that quite a few large and corporate companies got entangled with tussels & controversies between experienced entrepreneurs Vs BS educated entrepreneurs and you are aware of it.


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