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Thursday, December 08, 2005

HK Business Awards 2005

Last nite, I was invited to the Annual HK Business Awards hosted by SCMP & DHL and I must say that the awards nite was indeed fantastic tho Bernard Lo of Bloomberg did ape (or atleast tried to!) Conan O' Brien, Jay Leno, Deve Letterman & the likes....ofcourse, the chinese felt that he was pretty good at comments from me tho'.
Well, the main purpose of this post was to mention about Ms.Mimi Donaldson (co-author of Negotiating for Dummies) who was the key note speaker at yesterday's awards function. Well, she basically kicked-off with 'leadership' and what it means to be a 'leader' and then started talking of 'formal people' and 'casual people' and the ways and means through which these both types of people co-exist..(I believe, if u cant cure, u gotta endure!) and she cracked a few jokes involving BOTH formal & casual people and I must say her speech was short, sweet, crisp, simple & kinda "old wine in a new bottle" types.....ofcourse, it was FUN! But if you ask me "Well, did the leaders learn anything new?", I would say "Well, Next question please!"


Blogger Trevor Gay said...

Hi Sriram

Sounds like the key note speaker was promoting simplicity too!

As you say we always seem to come back to the ways of the past. There really is very little genuinely 'new' stuff - most stuff is borrowed or stolen from the past. Some of the greatest philosophers after all were from many years B.C.

I once heard it described as 'rapidly moving forward to the past'

5:30 PM

Blogger Sriram said...


Your damn rite...but I really dunno whether its for the good or bad for any knowledge-based economy...I believe, knowledge is power and there is plenty room for new ideas, thoughts, view-points et al. Infact, the very premise of knowledge sharing is to disseminate knowledge in the right quantities to the right people and at the right time.

Well, I guess, especially in the world of management, the word "originality" has become a thing of the past! Looks like its more of "old wine in a new bottle".

6:13 PM


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