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Friday, December 02, 2005

Total Quality Management

TQM - A very interesting topic indeed..Do you know what it really means?? (I mean in letter & spirit!!!)...well, actually TQM is a concept / philosophy that was introduced in the late 70s (early 80s) inorder to involve everyone (TOTAL) in the organization performing all activities to conform to a set of quality (QUALITY) standards (policies, procedures, guidelines, framework etc..) that could be managed (MANAGEMENT) economically, effectively & efficiently (remember 3-Es?). The basic principles of TQM are: -
1. Quality can and must be managed.
2. Everyone has a customer and is a supplier.
3. Processes, not people are the problem.
4. Every employee is responsible for quality.
5. Problems must be prevented, not just fixed.
6. Quality must be measured.
7. Quality improvements must be continuous....remember KAIZEN?
8. The quality standard is defect free.
9. Goals are based on requirements, not negotiated.
10. Management must be involved and lead.
Therefore, the key to improving quality is to improve processes that define, produce and support products and services.


Blogger Mike Gardner said...

Good topic. Sadly, TQM has become rather "outdated" among many gurus and execs these days in favor of other three-letter "programs." We should not forget that TQM is based on the 14 management principles developed by Dr. Deming. Each of the tenets of TQM is as relevant and important today as it was thirty or forty years ago--maybe even more. As the fads of QS9000, ISOx000, TS164whatever eventually fade into obscurity, TQM will make a comeback in business. That's may prediction.

8:04 PM

Blogger Sriram said...

Hi Mike,

Totally agree with u on the "re-birth" or "re-incarnation" of TQM...ofcourse with a new AVATAR but the FUNDAMENTALS will continue to remain the same i.e. its basic premise. I have always been fascinated by the TQM philosophy to anythin & everythin...not jus products / service...u culd stretch the concept to governance, ethics, audit, strategy et al..ofcourse.."Quality comes Late"

8:13 PM


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