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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Learning competence

Did u know that learning involves competence and it’s important for us to realize where we stand in the Learning Competence Curve (LCC). Firstly, let me explain briefly as to what it means by LCC. Basically, there are FOUR states / stages (in order of progression) of learning which one could relate oneself to:

1. Unconscious Incompetence – This, being the first stage where an individual (typically a learner) is in a state of unconscious incompetence, which means that he is not even aware of the existence or relevance of a particular skill / process / knowledge. I guess all of us reside in this state (for a while) when we get on to learn something afresh / new.

2. Conscious Incompetence – The second stage where a learner is aware of a particular skill / knowledge and also consciously admits that he is not a MASTER at it. The learner dwells in this stage for a while to gain mastery and progresses gradually to the next phase to gain conscious competence.

3. Conscious Competence – Is the third stage where the learner is able to perform his tasks at a desirable level (though far away from being a MASTER) and knows that he is competent and is on the verge of attaining mastery, which is the fourth and final stage in the LCC.

4. Unconscious Competence – This being the ultimate & definitive stage in a learner’s life (listen…I am not saying there is no continuous learning) which sets stage for the learner to attain supreme mastery & competence in his chosen area. This is a state where everyone would like to permanently reside albeit it’s extremely difficult to attain such a level and all the more daunting to maintain / sustain!

How do we realize where we stand? SIMPLE! You have to ask yourself the question “How good (or great!) I am at a particular task and do I know I am good (or otherwise) at a task?” I am sure you know the answer now!
"Learning is the ultimate competitive advantage" Amen!


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