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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Celebrate Work!?

I recently read this FORTUNE article titled “Going down the talent drain” and I must say it was definitely interesting and thought provoking. I feel in today’s corporate world, many executives with exceptionally good qualifications who are highly talented & motivated, aggressive with relevant experience (at middle or senior levels) and who have a ‘never-say-die’ attitude tend (have the guts!) to try something new & innovative with small (or smaller) firms rather than end-up with a humongous large dinosaur-type (bureaucratic) organization that neither recognizes all of what is mentioned above nor creates an atmosphere (platform) for grooming & garnering young & hungry talent to manage the next-gen organization.

Instances of high-level career shifts (to small / smaller organizations) in the recent past is nothing new…its been happening for quite a while and many feel that money could be a major measuring rod for such career decisions. Well, in some cases “yes”. However, money is NOT everything when it comes to a few high-level exec shifts. If you look at FORBES TOP-500 pay rankings (2005), you would be amazed to know a few execs who are actually very famous (and have rocked the corporate world) and are indeed high-flying actually rank at the bottom of the charts…Steve Ballmer (Rank: 478), Jeff Bezos (Rank: 495), Steve Jobs (Rank: 496), Eric Schmidt (Rank: 494)…Need more names & numbers???

Now, do you think these execs don’t love their job or don’t want their job because they are ranked at the bottom of the compensation pyramid? The answer is “NO”. They love their job immensely (ofcourse, results speak!) because they ‘Celebrate WORK’ and enjoy every moment at work. The bottom-line is no matter where you are or what you do, just DO IT and ENJOY DOING IT!


Blogger J.KANNAN said...

To celebrate the work and enjoy the same, the main gateways (reasons) are job satisfaction and monitory contentment and the barriers are stagnation in terms of monitory returns and positions and job dissatisfaction due to non-recognition and appreciation of talents by the organization, be it a small organization or mighty organization. Only the thing is, the velocity and density of these negatives varies depending upon the size of the organization.

Forbes top 500 pay ranking executives data is based on and taking into consideration only the real package the executives enjoys (you can even define it as CTC) and does not include job satisfaction, contentment and congenial working environments and if these three factors are to be taken into consideration it will be impossible to prepare a pay rank data sheet.

Very recently two top ranking executives of Jet Airways have putdown their papers making up their minds to quit the organization. Is it due to lack or deficiency in package? Certainly not. Its all only due to job dissatisfaction and suffocating working environments created by the promoters/board (I would call it a cheeky and dirty corporate politics) leading to loosing high profile, highly efficient and indeed result oriented talents to your competitors thereby inviting troubles to the organization. I just cited an example and globally its happening everyday with number of organizations.

What’s the solution? I have to come back again to ETHICS. The board has to govern and implement ETHICAL PRACTICES within the organization for the betterment of the human resources and benefit of the organization The only way to DO WHAT YOU DO AND ENJOY DOING IT.


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