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Monday, August 21, 2006

Outsourcing at its best!

This is a very nice joke that I recd this a.m. and thought I’d share this with everyone… Happy laughin’!

The Bad News
***Ferrari's F1 Team has fired its entire pit crew***

The announcement reads:

Ferrari has decided to take advantage of India’s high unemployment rate, and hire unemployed Indian youths from Dharavi (a Mumbai suburb slum). The decision to hire them was brought on by a recent documentary on how they were able to remove a set of wheels from a car parked in the street in less than 6 seconds without proper equipment. Ferrari's erstwhile crew took more than 8 seconds with the right equipment.

This was thought to be an excellent yet bold move by the Ferrari management, and, as most races are won & lost in the pits, Ferrari would have an advantage over every other team.

The Good News

However, Ferrari's expectations were exceeded, as during the crew's first practice session; not only were 'da boyz' from Bombay able to change the tyres in under 6 seconds, but within 12 seconds had re-sprayed the car, filed off the chassis number and sold the vehicle over to the Renault Team!!!


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